Walmart Money Order

Money Order in Walmart is available. You can get a money order from any of the Walmart store across United States. Just like any other service, Walmart too provides money order in a convenient rate. If you want to make a money order from Walmart , Please read this post carefully. There are many other ways to get money order such as CVS, Money Gram or banks etc but in this post I am going to focus on how to get money order from Walmart.

Why to Use Money Order at Walmart?

Money order can be used for Prepaid Cash Transaction, Many people find it more safe than any other transaction. A money order is a prepaid Payment made before purchasing via Bank or any other Money order service such as Moneygram or western Union. Basically Money order’s are cash with a receipt which is safe and easy to use. So what is the cost of money order in Walmart? The answer is A flat 70 cents.

I used about 5 to 10 money orders a month, which is paying $3.00 to $6.00 a month, a lot less than one $35 bank charges and the stamp to mail the money order included. A money order works just like cash, except you keep your receipt stub to verify that you bought it. And always keep and file your receipt! I once did a money order for over $4,000 that actually got lost in the mail. It was never recovered but I was able to get a replacement one and canceled the lost money order (which would have been the same if I would have had to cancel a check)

Money Order Walmart Near Me

Below you will find Walmart for Money order near me. Please find the nearest walmart in your location from the below map.

Walmart Money Order Hours and Locations

If you are planning to visit Walmart for a money order please note that walmart’s MoneyCenter has timing. Walmart’s MoneyCenter will be available for certain hours in a day, At many locations, the MoneyCenter will be open from 7 AM to 10 PM, but you’ll want to verify MoneyCenter hours with your local Walmart. You can find your nearest Walmart location here.

Walmart Money Order Fees

To Purchase your money order from Walmart or send money, you will need to pay with cash or with a PIN-Based Debit Card or with a Walmart MoneyCard. There is no way you can use Credit Card to purchase a money order at Walmart. The fees for money order in walmart is $0.70 per money order For details on fees click here. Be aware that a wire transfer costs $4.50 for up to $50 and $9.50 for up to $900.

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